Tuesday, October 25, 2011

House Projects

When we first moved here, we were Highly Motivated Unpackers.  Of course, everyone is highly motivated to find their underwear, coffeemaker, and bedsheets.  But after a few weeks of hard-core unpacking, we took a little break.  We were in a new town, and we needed to explore and have fun.  Well, that little break lasted for quite a while, and we lost sight of our goal.  Fortunately, we've had some houseguests recently, and that has forced us to get back on track.  This past weekend we hosted cousin Keith and his daughter Lexi as they came to check out University of Iowa as a possible school for her next year.  This coming weekend we have some VIP guests visiting, so we have to get crackin'!

Here are some things we've done recently:

Our front door proudly displays this fall wreath that i snatched up at a garage sale down the street.  The mailman derives the most benefit from this seasonal decoration, since he comes to our front door on a daily basis.

Cooler weather means it's time for layers, so The Professor hung our coat racks by the kitchen door.

This is the view from the kitchen sink window.  I stand at the kitchen sink approximately 32 hours a day washing dishes.  We've had a gusty fall here so far, so i tied some ribbons to our little tree and have enjoyed watching them dance in the wind. 

The Professor and the BabyGirl invite you to come over anytime for a visit!


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  1. I noticed all these homey details before even reading the post! You, Mark and Miriam have made that little rental house a home and we loved the relaxing and hospitable atmosphere of our weekend with you. Way to go!
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