Sunday, March 11, 2012

BabyGirl Goes Strolling

This weekend we enjoyed some beautiful weather, and the BabyGirl finally got to take her baby doll outside for a walk! The doll + stroller were an ingenious gift from Aunt Kay, who is one of the world's leading experts on little girls and everything related thereunto. The BabyGirl had a blast pushing her stroller on the driveway and sidewalk. After a while, however, she decided that she preferred to run, so she abandoned the doll in a neighbor's yard and sprinted down the street. The duty then fell to me to keep up with the doll and stroller =].

Here are a few pictures of our experience:


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  1. So cute!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day! I'm a little jealous--it's raining here currently, so I can't go for a walk myself. But I'm tempted to pull out my own dolls and have a tea party!