Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bible Sisters Inspire Confidence

Last night we had dinner at "Chick-a-way" as a special treat. We're technically not supposed to eat Chick-a-way, but every now and then we cave in. The BabyGirl of course LOVES the play place. And with 8 inches of snow of the ground, what kid wouldn't???

The trouble is that as much as she loves it, she is too timid and cautious to climb up through the tunnels. Honestly i don't blame her, it is very high up and you cannot see most of it from the ground, so you wouldn't know until you were up there what it is like or where it goes. She is definitely a girl who likes to study a thing and think about it before proceeding. To a little girl, those stairs going up to a hidden tunnel that becomes a slide look a whole lot like the treacherous stairs that Gollum leads Frodo and Sam up in The Return of the King. She has no proof that there is not an enormous, deadly spider lurking inside. So she stays on the ground, running around and enjoying the general excitement and hullabaloo typical of an indoor play place. Nonetheless, she is missing out on a major part of the experience.

Currently she also LOVES other girls. She gets soooo excited to see girls when we are out and about at the grocery, Walmart, restaurants, or wherever. Other girls are her favorite.

While we were eating our dinner at Chick-a-way, before going to the play place, i saw a family with three beautiful brown-haired stairstep girls come in. They sat several booths away, out of view of the BabyGirl. I knew she was going to go nuts over those girls. You know how sometimes you can just tell by the look of a family that they are quality people? This family had that look. I am not sure exactly how old the girls were, from my estimate maybe 8, 6, and 4.

Once we finished eating, The Professor and the BabyGirl took off for the playplace. Not long after, the brown-haired stairstep sisters went in also. Bright Eyes and i stayed at our table. I did not have a full view of the playplace; i could only see a small portion. They played in there for what seemed like forever to a person holding a wiggly, squiggly, bouncy, squeeling baby.

When The Professor and the BabyGirl emerged triumphantly, The Professor announced, "The BabyGirl climbed up to the top! And went down the slide! She did it and it was so much fun!" Her proud, beaming face confirmed his assertions.

I wondered what in the world had motivated her to take the plunge and go for it??? The Professor told me the story:

She did in fact notice the Stairstep Sisters and began playing with them. She told them, "I'm chasing you!" and they had fun pretending to be chased. Then they bounded up the stairs and she stopped dead in her tracks like they had just run into a pit of molten lava. The oldest sister noticed that the BabyGirl was not following. She said sweetly, "Don't you want to chase us?"

Then the three sisters took the BabyGirl under their wing. They led her up the steep stairs and guided her through the tunnels. They played with her up there in the highest heights and looked after her. Then they helped her onto the slide, where she zoomed down and was scooped up into The Professor's safe arms.

The Professor overheard the sister's names during the course of all the playing: Esther, Abigail, and Naomi. I knew there was a reason that i liked those girls! The BabyGirl fit right in. If her hair was a little less auburn and a little more brown, she could have passed as their fourth sister. They certainly treated her as such! I'm so greatful to them for their compassion. They took the time to notice a shy 2-year-old in a crowd of running kids, and it blessed her tremendously. They embodied all kinds of Bible verses that they may or may not have even learned yet. And they definitely exhibited the same strength of character as their namesakes.

May God bless the Bible Sisters, and continue the good work that He has done in their hearts!

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  1. wow. i'm almost crying. God is so good.