Tuesday, May 7, 2013

They Are Both Napping!

Oh my gosh people! Today both girls are napping! Simultaneously! It's a miracle!

Naptime has become the worse part of my day. The BabyGirl is in the midst of some horrible sleeping problems, and it has been a good long while since she took a nap. The last time she actually slept during naptime, Bright Eyes was teething, and did not take a nap.

It feels like millenia since the last time i had a moment to myself to think my own personal thoughts.

But today we have silence and stillness. Had i known this was going to happen, i would have taken a much-needed nap myself. I can't decide what to do with this free time!!! Should i run a marathon? Or discover the cure for cancer? Or balance the nation's budget?

I have 78 stories i want to blog about, and 79 articles to edit. There are oodles of dishes to wash, and mountains of laundry. It's been forever since i called my sister Kay, and i need to write back to Emily.

Truthfully, i just want to sit still.

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