Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Shedd Then and the Shedd Now

There are some beloved memories that we have of certain things we did with the BabyGirl when she was a baby. Also we have some favorite photos of those events that are in our family lexicon. We have a twinge of sadness, every now and then, that we live in a different state now and can't recreate those memories with our second daughter.

This past weekend though, we visited the BabyGirl's birthplace and were able to go to some of our favorite places! It was so wonderful to take the BabyGirl back to the Shedd, where we had so many wonderful times together. Thank you Mr. Dudich for making our Shedd visit possible! Here are some "then and now" photos for reminiscing and comparison:

Our little penguin at 14 months old
Our little penguin is now three!
 The BabyGirl about to climb the stairs
Bright Eyes climbing the stairs
 8-month-old BabyGirl smiling in front of the mural
 3-year-old BabyGirl smiling in front of the mural
The BabyGirl flying in the air at the Lake
Bright Eyes flying in the air at the Lake
The BabyGirl enjoyed both the Shedd and the Lake just as much (and probably more so) now as she did then! And Bright Eyes enjoyed the Shedd and the Lake as much as the BabyGirl did when she was Bright Eyes' age. And the Professor and i enjoyed seeing our girls enjoying themselves! It was a win-win for everyone!

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  1. So sweet! Don't know how I overlooked this post - great photos and great memories!