Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the BabyGirl Ate Today

You might say that the BabyGirl is what they call a "good eater".  She eats all kinds of stuff.  Today the BabyGirl had a particularly well-balanced diet.  She ate the following:

The kitties were pretty jealous about this one, because they found it first so it was supposed to be theirs.
Um, don't tell the Professor about this one.
Little pieces of carpet from the cheap rug in the foyer.  These are her absolute favorite, and a constant source of animosity between the two of us.  She never gives up putting them in her mouth, and i never give up fishing them out.

You think i would learn my lesson by now, because this is what she ate late week:

Cat food.  The kitties were upset about this one too.

Coke.  The Professor and I both grew up in Coca Cola Headquarters, so our progeny has a genetic predisposition towards it.  I think that if you were to put the Professor's blood into a centrifuge, it would separate into blood cells, plasma, and Coke.  Nonetheless, i think the BabyGirl is a bit young to start a Coke habit.

So the moral of the story is clear.  You have to watch that BabyGirl like a hawk.


  1. About two hours ago:

    BabyGirl was playing on the floor behind me and I was sitting here at the computer laughing as I read this very blog post about everything BabyGirl eats.

    Then I turn around. The BabyGirl was eating a match! She (somehow) found a box of matches and (silently) scattered them all over the floor, and had one sticking out of her mouth like she was using it as a toothpick!

    The moral of the story is clear. If you're reading about how you have to watch that BabyGirl like a hawk, then you're not actually wacthing that BabyGirl like a hawk.

    - The Professor

  2. these stories keep getting better and better...

  3. You have the recipe for a good "rug" dish?