Saturday, February 5, 2011

Newest Pink Minion

When the BabyGirl was just a newbie, we took a picture of her with all her pink minions.  She has quite a collection.  The penguin was the first thing that the Professor and I bought for her after we found out that she was a girl.  It's from the Shedd Aquarium.  The dolly and the kitty are from my mother.  The BabyGirl loves the kitty the most of all her minions.  My mother bought the kitty from the gift shop at Children's Hospital when the BabyGirl was in the ICU.  She has acquired a few more since then.

Today we received another minion in the mail!  A Build-a-Bear from my Granny, who is the BabyGirl's Great-Granny.  We were a little worried about it because it arrived like this:

Never fear!  Everything was fine.  We didn't know beforehand what was in the box, so we didn't know we needed to open it with the BabyGirl.  I opened it by myself in the kitchen.  Once i got the paper off, i found the cutest pink bear inside!  I had just pulled it out and was beginning to investigate it when the Professor walked in carrying the BabyGirl.  She saw it and immediately her face lit up and she lunged to grab it.  She gave a huge smile and started talking to the bear.  She petted it for a minute and then gave it a big squeeze.  It was so cute!  This bear is definitely a keeper.  Thanks Granny!


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