Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Would Make This Day Last For All Time

One of the movies from my childhood lexicon is "Babe".  Yes, you're right, it is that goofy movie about a pig who thinks he's a sheep dog.  It's a very sweet little movie.  There's a song in it that touches your heart:

If I had words to make a day for you
I'd sing you a morning, golden and new
I would make this day last for all time
Then fill the night deep in moonshine

The lyrics aren't anything impressive by themselves, it's really the melody that makes the song so tender.  I sang this song to the BabyGirl last night, and cried while i sang it.  I had tried so hard to get home before her bedtime so i could be here to kiss her goodnight.  But the CTA had other plans for me.  When my bus came, it was so jam-packed full of humanity that not another soul could fit on.  I had to wait 13 minutes for the next one, and those 13 minutes were the difference between seeing my BabyGirl and not seeing her.

Well, interestingly enough, the BabyGirl woke up crying around 9:30pm.  As soon as i lifted her up from her crib, she snuggled up like she was melting into me.  We sat in the rocking chair and sang her usual night-night song, "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus."  The moment was so special that i just couldn't let it go, so i lingered there, rocking her and singing to her.  This song popped into my head, and as i sang it I heard in my mind the words of advice from friends who had helped me out the day before.

The weekend was very, very difficult for me.  An event occurred that brought me great sorrow.  There were many tears.  My old suffering and grief returned to me, and it was a heavy burden.  Fortunately the Lord provided some great friends to help me through it.  They patiently listened to me talk it out, they prayed for me, and they gave me important encouragement.  They pointed me towards the things i have to be greatful for.

So as i sat there in the rocking chair with my BabyGirl, i heard Molly's voice saying: Your BabyGirl is healthy.  She is happy.  You have much to be thankful for.

I heard Sue's voice saying: Your BabyGirl is beautiful and joyful.

I heard Laura's voice saying: You are a mother that several of us look up to.

While singing to my BabyGirl, i was brought to tears, but this time not out of sadness.  In the darkness with her in my arms, i thanked God honestly and sincerely for making me her mother.  She is a blessing and a gift.  My cousin Amy said to me, when the BabyGirl was brand new and i was bewildered\exhausted, "God picked you to be her mother."

I have learned that life is hard and full of pain.  Yet now and then we get little glimmers of joy.  Moments where we are so in awe that it doesn't seem real.  Until Eternity, those moments are just moments.  But one day they will last for all time.


  1. Thank you. Those are the most encouraging words I have heard from you in a long, long time. And they come at just the right time for me. Bless your friends...and bless you.

  2. Katheryn, I'm so touched here in the office today. I could just cry into my lunchbreak chili. I had a thought of you this morning as I drove into work. I remembered that on top of everything, you were there at Children's nursing the BabyGirl. You gave to her, of yourself, when it was most difficult. Praise the Lord. Jesus gave of himself, when it was most difficult because he loves you even more than you love the BabyGirl.

    BTW - My mom and I love that babe song.

  3. :( i'm so sad about your hard weekend. and i'm thankful for your sweet baby girl and the glimpse of eternity she has given you. praying everything from the weekend works out for good.

  4. There are moments of bliss that come into our lives, which are ordained by God. This bliss is sweeter than life itself. It draws us to Christ, and makes us hungry and thirsty for righteousness. It reminds us that life isnt work; life isnt money; life isnt achievement or success or even happiness. Life isnt all the things that we strive and search for: Life is Christ. Our life is hidden in Christ. To find Christ is to find Life. Once Christ said to His disciples: "Come away with me, to a quiet place, where we can rest." Once you hear Christ say those words to your own soul, you are never the same again. 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus! Just to take Him at His Word! Just to rest upon His Promise, just to know 'Thus Saith The Lord'."