Friday, March 11, 2011

We Interrupt This Prolonged Absence with Some Videos

Hi Friends!

Have you noticed that i haven't posted in a while?  Me too, and I'm very sad about it.  You see, I had to change my blogging priorities.  In February, i had a certain quota i wanted to meet.  I'm not sure what put it into my head that i had to write a certain number of entries, but I was very gung-ho about it.  To the detriment of my housework.  So in March, we changed the strategy.  I had to tell myself that writing is a priviledge, not a right.  You can't blog until all your chores are done first.

And that is why we are 11 days into March and I have yet to post anything.  My chores just never seem to get done.

I was looking through my folder of videos to find a particular one to go along with a story i was planning to write.  I couldn't find the video i needed, but i did find a bunch of other cute ones!  My plan is to distract you from my lack of posting with some live-action BabyGirl footage.  There are a few limitations to my video-ability that you should know about.  Number One - babies do the cutest things in the whole universe until you get the camera out.  Then they quit!  It's so frustrating.  The majority of my videos involve the BabyGirl doing some particular thing, then she notices the camera and stops to stare at it.  Number Two - I haven't had the time to practice with any video-editing software, so i don't have the ability to edit out the part where she stares at the camera. 

I hope you enjoy these, despite their amateur nature.

First Video: Blueberries!  This was taken on January 29.  At that point the BabyGirl had an adept pincer grasp, but you will notice that there are more efficient ways of getting things into one's mouth.  =]

Second Video:  Bathtime!  There is splashing, of course.  She likes to drink the water like it's a water fountain, and was doing it a whole lot until the camera showed up.

Third Video:  Waving Bye-Bye!  This was taken on January 21.  The BabyGirl didn't put two and two together that "waving bye-bye" means "someone is leaving".  As far as she was concerned, it's just something fun you do with your hand.  She gets the hiccups in this video, which comes as no surprise because she is the hiccuppingest person i've ever seen. 

Fourth Video: Popsicle!  Oh that face is hilarious.

Forgive me, i sorta got carried away there with the videos.  I'm sure the Grandparents don't mind, but the rest of you were bored.

See you again when my chores are done (which will probably be in June)  =]


  1. can't get the last two to work. :(

  2. She never bores me and she always makes me smile.