Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Attempts to Take Two-Month Pictures Were Largely Unsuccessful

Bright Eyes is two months old! I did my darnedest to take her two month pictures while the BabyGirl was napping. You are about to see why. Taking pictures of Bright Eyes is quite a challenge when the BabyGirl is around. Unfortunately, Bright Eyes was uncooperative with my photo shoot during the BabyGirl's nap. Therefore her two month pictures include the BabyGirl. Usually you have to take 100 shots of a baby in order to get one decent picture. In this case, 100 shots resulted in 0 decent pictures. Here are the outtakes:
 Wait, my eye itches

 Bright Eyes not looking

 BabyGirl not looking

 Seriously, Mama? Lay off with the pictures
 Getting silly
 Finally, a cute one! BabyGirl is washing Bright Eyes' feet
The BabyGirl with her two babies

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  1. The first few are totally entertaining and the last few are precious! I love little BrightEyes eye color!