Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Train

Fact #1: The BabyGirl loves library books.
Fact #2: The BabyGirl loves her little chairs.
Fact #3: The BabyGirl loves her sister.

And when she can combine those three loves, the results are extremely cute.

The BabyGirl was given this table\chairs set for her 2nd birthday. She spent a great deal of time arranging the chairs. Lining them up, putting them in a circle, putting them back-to-back, etc. She played with those chairs quite a bit.

When i saw a book at the library about a cat who makes something clever out of his chairs, i knew she would enjoy it.

Spoiler alert: they make a train! Of course the BabyGirl wanted to make a train also. She made a train over and over again. She made a train for The Professor and i to sit on. She made a train for her stuffed animals. And one evening while Bright Eyes was hanging out in the kitchen while i prepared dinner, she made a train for Bright Eyes! It was so thoughtful. The chairs are in the living room, you see. But Bright Eyes was in the kitchen. Since Bright Eyes can't go to the chairs (she can't walk), she brought the chairs to Bright Eyes. She built the train so that Bright Eyes was right smack in the middle.
In the book they say, "Ding, ding! Choo, choo!"
(You probably want to read this book yourself now, so here it is: http://www.amazon.com/Meeow-Little-Chairs-Sebastien-Braun/dp/190625088X)

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