Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Sounds Like There Is a _______ Outside My Window

A few summers ago i was working night shift.  I had numerous sleep issues, big suprise.  You may have heard the joke that there are two seasons in my city: winter and construction.  On this particular day i was awakened abruptly from my sleep at around 11am by a loud and offensive noise.  You know that experience of being awakened immediatly and rudely by something very jarring?  I bolted upright in bed, trying to figure out what this loud noise was.  I said out loud to my bedroom, "It sounds like there is a man standing outside my window with a jackhammer."

I went to the living room to investigate.  When i threw back the curtains, i came face to face with a man standing outside my window with a jackhammer!  And he continued to stand there, everyday, that whole summer.  I got no sleep at all for 3 months, i was miserable to be around, and i hated my life.

The Professor had a similar experience yesterday.  He was in the BabyGirl's room at 7am and heard a strange noise.  He said to her, "It sounds like there is a helicopter hovering outside the window."  He pulled back the curtains to investigate, and sho' nuff! there was a helicopter outside the window.

This is why:  a man stole a taxi in the suburbs and led the police on an hour-long chase into the city where he crashed the car a few blocks from our house!

You notice the picture in the news article?  An aerial view like that would have to be taken from a helicopter.

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  1. Before I left for work yesterday morning, I turned on the news. I watched, as the helicopter you wrote about, followed the stolen taxi. The police did not want to use their sirens and they followed at a distance b/c of early morning traffic. I stood on the platform of the Red Line and saw that same helicopter in the sky & I knew they were still trying to catch that guy. I prayed and asked God to help them catch him. They did, and just a few blocks from your place about 20 minutes after I prayed. God answers prayer.