Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Dysentery

I clearly have to renounce my title of Mommy The Destroyer, because i caught the BabyGirl's sick tummy.

Fortunately, with the BabyGirl it only lasted 48 hours.  With me, we are going on Day 5.  All my symptoms point to cholera, but i think the more reasonable explanation is rotavirus.  I was interested to discover in my research today that diarrhea is the most common cause of missed work in the developed world and a leading cause of death in the developing world (Diskin, 2009).

In a 6-day period we made 5 trips to the grocery for:
1) Pedialyte and jello (when the BabyGirl developed symptoms)
2) whole milk and BRAT diet supplies (when the BabyGirl improved and realized she LOVES toast)
3) Gatorade, ginger ale, and sorbet (when i became sick)
4) Potatoes and other bland starches (when i was hungry after 3 days of not eating and felt adventurous enough to try solid food)
5) More Gatorade (when it became apparent that i was not ready for solid food after all)

I am very disappointed that my cholera kept me from participating in the RPCC Rummage Sale as much as i wanted, and also ruined Mother's Day.  I really wanted to go to church because sometimes they have an open mic sharing time on Mother's Day, and i had prepared something very eloquent to say.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.  But alas, i had to quarantine myself to a distance of 10 steps from the toilet.

The Professor was as sweet and nuturing as you could ever hope for.  He bought me beautiful flowers for Mother's Day.  I am very glad that it's me who is sick instead of him.  I'm allowed to miss work, but he isn't.  Particularly the week before and during final exams. 

One exciting thing about today was that ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball featured game was the Braves vs Phillies!  This means that you can watch the game live online.  And, the Braves won!  It's particularly important to win against the Phillies.

My mother suggested that next Sunday we have a Mother's Day II, which i think is a great idea.  More flowers for me!!!


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