Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day is Coming

It is Episode 12 of season 22 of Survivor. 

The castaways have been living in the jungle for 30 days.

Mike, a former Marine who served in Iraq, has been voted out of the tribe and is now living on Redemption Island, where he takes place in challenges in order to remain in the game.  On this particular challenge, the competitors are told that the winner will receive time with a family member.

Mike wins the challenge and they bring out his mother, Jane.  But before he is allowed to hug her, Jeff Probst gives him a choice to make.  Mike can either 1) spend the afternoon with his mom, 2) forgo time with his mom, and instead allow his 2 fellow Redemption Island buddies to spend time with their loved ones, or 3) forgo time with his mom and give time with loved ones to the 6 people still in the game (who incidentally voted him out). 

Here is the scene -
Jeff Probst:  Very big, potentially million-dollar decision.  Take me through the thought process.

Mike:  The decision is almost clear in my head.  Yesterday i was reading, it was either Matther or Mark, and Jesus was asked, of all the commandments, what are the greatest.  He responded, "Love your brother like you would love yourself."  So i think, if i give the most good to the most people, and make friends from enemies, i think that's the only play here.

Jeff Probst:  Let me make sure i'm clear on what you're doing.  You're giving up your love for your mom, and you are giving it to the 6 people who single-handedly decimated your tribe.

Mike: Yes.

Jeff Probst:  I gotta tell you, i thought the odds of that happening were less than zero.  Jane[Mike's Mom], does this decision surprise you?

Mike's Mom:  [with tears] No.  This is who my son is.  He is a hero.  Honey, I'm so very proud of you.

I bawled my eyes out.

What an amazing man.  What an amazing mother.

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