Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sort of Like "Five Things That Happened This Week"

Hello friends!

I am now recovered from my bout of cholera, but being out of commission for 6 days put me behind on most life activities.  I've been itching to write something on here, but have been swamped with getting my household back on track.  So i thought we'd do a little "5 Things That Happened This Week", but i was having a hard time organizing my week into 5 events, so i'll just give you a quick run down on each of us.  We'll start with the BabyGirl since she's the cutest.

1.  BabyGirl - She FINALLY seems to have finished with her Difficult Phase, which lasted for about 2 months.  The Professor commented that she can do so much more now than she could 3 weeks ago.  And it's true!  She has changed a lot.  There's the one obvious achievement, that she can walk, but there are a lot of little things too.  The second half of the week she has been the sweetest little angel.  She is a very funny person and she makes me laugh a lot.  She can make some really funny faces. 

She is starting to focus on language.  She points at an object to get you to say it's name, for example, "button."  She intently studies your mouth as you say it, and then she tries to repeat the word.  She has quite the attention span for it.  After about the 20th consecutive time of saying "button" for her, I'm ready to do something else, but she's still focused.  I never noticed before how many of the words that a baby would want to learn are all 2 syllables and end with "y".  Kitty, Daddy, Tummy, Piggie (aka toes).  It would be very confusing.  There are a few "b" words that she's practicing right now: book, button, ball.  She pretty much just says "buh" for all of them.

There are times when she just up and gets the giggles with no apparent explanation.  It's so funny!  Sometimes you can't even tell what set her off, but once she gets the giggles then anything and everything you do is hilarious to her.  Yesterday The Professor was holding her, and i made a motion to take her from him, and she shrugged me off like, "Don't touch me."  I took her anyway, and then once i was holding her i reenacted her shrugging motion, and she died laughing.  The Professor and I both did it over and over, and the three of us just stood there and laughed till our sides hurt.

2.  The Professor - This week was crazy for him.  It was final exams and all the related end-of-semester tasks.  Once he finished grading finals, he plunged headfirst into preparing for his interview next week.  In the midst of all that, he did a little handyman work by fixing the microwave.  The handle came off last week.  He called the company to order a new one, and at the end of the transaction the person asked if he'd also like to get their Super Duper Microwave Cleaning Solution.  Now normally we don't hold with these kind of gimmicks, but you haven't seen the inside of our microwave.  This was different from my Fabric Store experience, in which the lady was a total quacko and trying to sell something completely unnecessary.  The Professor was honestly impressed with this tactic.  If you are calling to order a replacement part, then clearly you've had the appliance for a number of years.  And if you've had it for a number of years, then it's probably dirty.  And if you have to take the time to fix it, why not go ahead and clean it?  So that is how we came to be the proud owners of Super Duper Microwave Cleaning Solution.  And boy does that thing sparkle now.  Whether it's a testament to the cleaning solution or to The Professor's skills, we'll never know.

This week was the series finale of the show Smallville.  The Professor has a long history with Smallville.  The show started when we were in college, and a group of our friends was really into it.  We would all get together to watch it in Allison's room.  I myself wasn't that interested in the show, but it was an excuse to be able to see The Professor.  Our college was an absolutely no co-ed dorms type situation.  The boys were barely allowed to so much as look at a female dorm as they walked on the sidewalk in front of it.  That's why it was a big deal to watch a tv show in mixed company, in a dorm room.  Apparently The Professor and I continued this hobby of Smallville during the year that he lived here and i lived in Atlanta.  Apparently we watched it on tv at the same time and called each other on the commercial breaks.  I have no memory of this.  I believe it to be true and it sounds like just the sort of sappy thing we would do; it just can't remember doing it.  Several years ago i quit the show Smallville because it got very silly.  The Professor, however, has remained loyal, because that is the kind of person he is.  Once he makes a commitment or gets involved with something, he never turns back.  For years i have been making fun of the show, and he has been faithfully watching it.  This week was the much-needed end to the show.  The Professor asked me if i wanted to watch the last-ever episode with him, and i couldn't understand why he thought i would do such a thing, until he reminded me of our history with it, and of the fact that we watched it together long distance.  Even so, i didn't watch it with him. 

3.  Me - The first few days of this week i had the dysentery, and the next few days after that i was recovering, and the next few days i was fine.  It took me longer than expected to get my strength and appetite back.  Before i got sick, when the BabyGirl had it, i was telling some friends at work that she was sick.  One lady has a baby nephew who lives with her, so we always ask each other about our babies.  When she heard about the BabyGirl's diarrhea, she said right away without hesitation, "I'll bet you she's teething!"  This was very confusing to me.  I've taken a couple of anatomy classes, and i don't remember learning that the tooth bone is connected to the poop bone.  I gave it some thought, and it just didn't make physiological sense.  She wouldn't give it up though, "Call your husband, tell him to look in her mouth, and i'll bet you she's teething!" Well when i wound up getting sick, i missed a week of work, so it was a while before i saw her again.  First thing in the morning, she said, "So is she teething?"  I explained to her that while, yes, the BabyGirl is teething, the fact that i caught it from her and had it for 6 days makes it seem unlikely that teething was the cause. 

She seemed unconvinced.

Another thing for me is that i nannied for David on Thursday!  We had a lot of fun.  This time went WAY better than last time.  I lost David at one point (don't tell Laura!).  He can sort of scoot around but not very adeptly.  I had left him in a big open space in The Room Formerly Known As The Living Room while i got something from the kitchen.  I told the BabyGirl, "You're in charge of David for a minute."  When i came back, he was gone!  This used to happen a lot when the BabyGirl started crawling, so you'd think i'd learn my lesson.  Fortunately, he was hiding behind a huge bag of clothes that Hannah gave me.  Crisis averted!

I fell into a bad habit this week.  I started playing Zoo Tycoon again.  It happened when i didn't have the energy to do anything but was bored of the internet (and you know you've spent too much time on the internet when you run out of things to do).  Zoo Tycoon was the perfect solution; all you have to move is your index finger.  It occupies your mind just enough that you aren't bored, but isn't as much work as reading a book.  I used to be obsessed with this game during my nightshift days.  It kept me awake til 5am many times.  It was the perfect solution then too.  I needed something that would keep me up all night long but not make any noise since The Professor was sleeping.  You can't vacuum or wash dishes in the middle of the night, but you can play Zoo Tycoon!  I remember many lonely nights, trying to survive until 5am when i was allowed to go to bed.  It was my brother who got me hooked on this game, and it gave us a common bond.  Now he's older and much more cool. 

And that's a wrap, folks!  Thanks for listening.


  1. I wouldn't think teething would cause acid diarrhea.

  2. oh my gosh, Zoo Tycoon! I can just see you glued - that's like HGTV for me I think...

    I think that's hilarious that Miriam lost David! His 'scooting' is so odd, can't wait till he gets a good crawl going.

    Thanks for the update!