Monday, July 18, 2011

The Most Trailer-Trash Yard on the Block

The three of us took a whirlwind trip to visit our new city in order to look for a place to live.  After what felt like a thousand showings, we signed a lease on an adorable, albeit teeny, little blue house!  We are very excited about it.  For the first time in our married lives, we will have a yard!  I'll show you a picture to prove it:  

The Professor and I starting making plans for how best to utilize our new yard, and we got a little carried away.  He said, "There isn't any shade in the backyard, so we'll need to get one of those canopy things."

And I said, "Well we definitely need patio furniture, because i want to eat dinner outside."
 Homestyles 5555-308 Outdoor 5 Piece Dining Set

"Oh and the neighbors had a great swing; I'd love to have one like it."
Home Rolston Wicker <em>Patio</em> Porch <em>Swing</em>

"And of course we'll finally get the BabyGirl a pool."Banzai Big Curve Plunge Water Slide -  Manley - Toys"R"Us

Within a minute or two, we had taken that cute little patch of grass and turned it into the most cluttered backyard on the block!


  1. you've been living in teeny for 7 yrs.

  2. Tell me that's a garage in the first picture and not your house?! Do you have windows?!