Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes You Get What You Need

We've been singing a particular song around our house recently, maybe you've heard of it.  It's "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones.  You see, The Professor and I went away for a romantic weekend for our 7 year anniversary, and the BabyGirl's grandparents came to stay with her.  They loved her and squeezed her and spoiled her rotten, such that when we came back she had a hard time understanding why we wouldn't give her every little thing she wanted, exactly when she wanted it.  In order to help her through the confusion of readjusting back to normal life, we sang her that song.

And it was kind of fitting for The Professor and I too.  We wanted certain things that we didn't get.  And like the BabyGirl, we had a hard time understanding why it wasn't being given to us.  Also like the BabyGirl, we cried when we didn't get it.

But as the song goes,

If you try sometimes
You just might find --
You get what you need!

And that's what happened!  The Professor got a job!

So all the hopes and dreams and what-if's that were crushed in late May are now suddenly granted.  We will move to a suburban setting, he will work full-time, and i will stay home with the BabyGirl!

It's very surreal, and i can't fully comprehend it.  A quote from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory keeps playing in my head.  Willie Wonka says, "But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted . . . He lived happily ever after."

As it turned out, I submitted my 2 weeks notice at work yesterday, and my last day was today.  I have long been scheduled for vacation at the end of this week and all of next week, so i won't even be at work for 1.5 of my last 2 weeks.  Which is a huge blessing from a pack-up-and-move standpoint, but a big letdown from a finding-closure-with-work-friends standpoint.  Most of my conversations went like this:

Me: Guess what, I'm moving away!
Dr Bob: Really, where?
Me: [Town that i'm moving to].
Dr Bob: That's great?  When is your last day?
Me:  Today!
Dr Bob [with bewilderment]:  Um, okay . . . ?

I have a mountain of thoughts and feelings about retiring from my very intense profession, with 2 days notice, after doing it for 8 years.  Truth be told, I'm pretty dang good at what i do, and i have saved many lives.  I love a good cardiac arrest more than anyone should.  My favorite thing is being able to act quickly and decisively in the midst of an emergency.  That job has sucked the life out of me more times than not, but it was my act of service and my way to make a difference.

Now, just like that, it's over. 

The Professor and i, with the BabyGirl, are beginning a new stage of life.  Like my sister said in a post you must read, we are turning.  I have done a lot of spinning around the past year, but it has been haphazard and frenetic.  I did not keep my eyes fixed on the Solid Rock, and i did not remain steady.  But now we have a fresh beginning.  This time i hope to turn correctly.  This time i hope to turn around to the place just right.


  1. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh my word!! I want to hear more details about this!! You should send me a fb message... if you have time. Yay! I'm excited for you guys! And wow, what a big transition!

  2. so excited for you and your family! what an amazing blessing. we do have friends near your new home...maybe we'll stop in and see you sometime. :)