Monday, July 11, 2011

Ridiculously Good Looking

On the way back from the Women's Retreat, we fulfilled a Retreat tradition and stopped at an outlet mall, where i almost bought this shirt for The Professor:

Why would i buy him this shirt, you ask?  It's simple; because he is really, really ridiculously good looking.  =]

As we were looking at the men's t-shirts, i told my friend Sue that i gave The Professor a shirt that says, "World's Best Husband", to which she said, "Well he is!"  And it's true.

I'm currently very much aware that he is the world's best husband, because we are preparing to move to a new state.  There are two aspects of my personality that make this undertaking very challenging.  1) I am a hopeless procrastinator, and 2) I am not a detail-oriented person.  When there are tedious, detailed tasks to do, and when there are a GREAT MANY tedious, detail oriented tasks, I start to break down.  But my dear husband has already packed about 15 boxes, and we have 3 weeks left.  So when do we think i would start packing if i was in charge?  Probably 2 days before.  But he has already packed about 300 books.  He's the best.

In other news, the BabyGirl is still cute.  She has now mastered walking to the extent that it is no big deal to her, so in order to keep herself challenged she has developed more advanced skills for herself to practice.  And to watch her perform these skills, by the look on her face she believes herself to be quite the daredevil!  These are her Advanced Walking Skills:

1.  Walking on her tip-toes
2.  Walking backwards
3.  Putting a bucket over her head and walking without being able to see
4.  Stepping over high objects while walking
5.  Balancing on one leg
6.  Marching in place (this is the precursor to jumping.  When we say, "Jump!" and we jump up and down to demonstrate, she thinks she is jumping but really she's just marching in place.)

As a sidenote to #4, she always makes sure to hold someone's hand if she is stepping over something too high to get her leg over.  The Professor was sitting on the floor, leaning his back against the couch, with his arm resting on the couch.  She walked over to him, grabbed his hand, and brought it over to where she was, so that she could hold his hand while stepping over his leg.

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  1. I can hear your excitement about this next phase of life as you celebrate all the special details of your family in this post. You three are one of a kind and us 3 are going to miss you terribly. However, our friendship will be stepping into a new phase as well. The hang-out-for-a-whole-weekend-visit phase!! I am excited. Watchout Iowa waterparks, we're coming!