Monday, December 20, 2010

Currently Playing With

With all kinds of social media now, you can publicize what you are currently doing.  Facebook tells me that Joe and Peggy were at Name That Restaurant together.  Or that Mary is currently picking up her kids from The Private School They Attend. 

The poor little BabyGirl is too little for Facebook.  Also, she doesn't know English.  And, her typing skills need a lot of work.  So she can't post what music she's currently listening to or what foods she's eating or where she's hanging out with her friends. 

So I'll post it for her!  The BabyGirl is currently playing with these toys:

Yes, you are correct when you tell me that precious few of those items are "toys".  We have the adorable handmade penguin, Tic Tacs, a cheap plastic bracelet from the dollar store, and her cousin Cecelia's Christmas card.  She loves these toys.  The Tic Tacs in particular are her favorite right now.  Oh man she loves them, and i can't say i blame her.  Also, they are a result of my sister's wedding in Georgia back in June, so they are kind of nostalgic (in a hoarder sort of way).   She also likes to "play" with Cecelia, which The Professor and i get a kick out of.

Christmas is now 5 days away (eek!), and the quantity\quality of her toys is about to increase substantially.  Imagine how exciting a shape sorter will be compared to a plastic bracelet!  It might be overwhelming.

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