Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Cute Things

Yesterday was a very ugly day at work.  At some point during the exhausting misery, i was ready to sign up for the Mexican thugs.  Anything sounded better than what i was doing.  I was so angry that it sounded satisfying to show those Mexican drug dealers a thing or two about violence.

Instead, I came home to two very cute things.  I'll show them to you.  I made both of these things myself. 

Here is thing #1.  So cute!  Thing #1 took 10 months to make, and gave me lots of heartburn.

Here is thing #2.  Thing #2 was a lot easier to make than Thing #1.  It is the product of Craft Day with Laura and David.  I'm really very proud of it.  Can you believe i made ANOTHER thing after i only just made the Cinnamon Ornaments???  That's two crafts in one month!  I think i just beat my record for all of 2009.  I really couldn't have done it without Laura's patient tutoring.  She let me use her sewing machine, even though i had no idea how to do it.  I made a mistake every 45 seconds or so, and as a result we stayed at their house much longer than we should have.  I was stubbornly determined to finish this project in one day.  I've known myself for a long time, and one thing is certain: if i lay a project aside, i will never come back to it.

Recently I've been outsourcing all my crafting needs to my sister.  If i need something made, i tell her to make it.  I'm the oldest so she has to do what i say.  But making this craft was kind of a turning point for me.  I think i could really get the hang of this sewing thing.  And, if you are especially nice to me, i might just make something for you!

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