Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interesting Life Anecdotes: The Revolving Tupperware

Now that I've had a BabyGirl, I have read a lot of information on the topic of sleep that i never would have read otherwise.  One fact i remember reading is that we each have our own biorhythm that we are born with (i know what you're thinking: wow! rocket science! never would have guessed that one!).  Duh, it's true, we all know some people are early birds and some are night owls.

Well, I'm a night owl.  I always get a burst of energy at night.  I am at my top performance when i can stay up til about midnight and sleep til 9am.  I really don't even settle into a good sleep until after 6am.  Anyway, i got home from the day's activities and had a hankering to write.  Except i couldn't think of a single topic.  I thought and thought; no success.  I was washing dishes for about 30 minutes, and promptly at 9:30pm my mind was filled with about 4 different topics.  I find myself in this position frequently.  I want to write so bad right at bedtime.

So here's the story already.  After the BabyGirl was born and i had so many problems, my friend Laura, who is an amazing cook, made me some lentil soup (which i love).  Some of it i ate and some i put in the freezer for later.  Once later came, i ate it, and then the tupperware sat on my kitchen counter for (no lie) 2 months.  I kept meaning to bring it to church to give it back to her, or take it with me to her house.  I mean, i see her frequently so it was pretty pathetic that i couldn't return her tupperware. 

Then finally i remembered it on Craft Day when we made the adorable penguin.  After such a long time i was embarrassed that i still had it, so i filled it up with trail mix as a decoy.  On that day we were crafting away and needed an afternoon snack, so i said triumphantly, "I brought trail mix!"  I got it out of my bag and set it out on the table and we munched happily while we crafted.  I conveniently left out the part about "I brought trail mix IN YOUR TUPPERWARE."  My plan was to "forget" to take it home with me.  I hoped that it would blend in with all her other tupperwares, since it looks exactly like her other tupperwares, since it is her tupperware.  And she would just put in in her tupperware cabinet without even paying attention.  Or, if she did think it was my tupperware, she would be like me and forget to return it for 2 months.

Well, my plan failed.  Turns out she's way better than me at returning tupperwares.  Less than two weeks later she returned it to me FILLED WITH DELICIOUS HOMEMADE COOKIES.  Oh the shame.  Not only did she return it in a timely manner, she made cookies.  Fabulous cookies, with oatmeal and almonds.  And now, here i am again with the same stinkin' tupperware i could barely return in the first place!  I was so happy to finally get that sucker off my kitchen counter, and now it's back.  Each time it changes hands, the stakes get higher.  Lentil soup, then store-bought trail mix, then yummy cookies.  I'm pretty much going to have to fill it with champagne when i give it back to her.


  1. Well, if this isn't the most convicting thing I've read all week. I actually have a piece of tupperware that belongs to Laura. She sent me home with it filled with some delicious dish she made one night for our Esther studies. It has been approx. 2 months since that time. It is a wonder Laura has any tupperware at all! Now, after reading this, I see I am to put something in it when I return it.

  2. oh my goodness, i'm dying! OKay, this calls for a detailed comment. Here we go: I saw the trailmix in the tupperwear and thought, 'Oh no, Kathery's left her trail mix... oh well, I think I'll eat it and just give her back the tupperwear. I recall she wrote her name on a tupperwear she sent my bringing-home-baby meal in, so she must like to keep tabs on her tupperwear. No need to tell her I'm going to eat it all." Then I felt kinda bad that I had ate it all, so I put in some cookies I had just made for Holiday Road Trip 2010. When I was making the chocolate oatmeal cookies I had accidentally added salty sugar, from a misshap on our Snow day, so they were tasting a bit like play dough. SO, added about 2 cups extra of oatmeal, a slew of smashed up almonds and some flour and milk (ANYTHING to dilute the salt). When the mix didn't taste terrible, I baked them and thought, 'eh, not so bad.' The original recipe made about 18 or so, but with all the extra stuff I had about 30+ cookies on my hands. Thus, perfect opportunity to give Katheryn back 'her tupperwear' with something in it so she didn't miss the trail mix.

    Now, I must add that I'm eating DELICIOUS Chocolate Delight that totally put my salty oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to shame... out of my tupperwear. Which I guess I'll keep now :) THANK YOU Katheryn!! And this story is truly entertaining.