Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plays Well With Others

The BabyGirl had a great time in church nursery this Sunday.  It was so cute!  Our church nursery is not usually the type of place that a baby girl could have a good time in.  Those of you in suburban environments have a very different nursery experience than we get here in A Very Small Church In the Big City Where Hardly Anyone Is A Christian.  For numerous reasons that i don't have time to go into, our nursery is terrifying.

Additionally, the age range in our nursery is extensive.  It goes from birth through 5 years, all packed in one little room.  Fortunately there aren't rats or cockroaches in our current building, so that's a big step up from where we used to be.  Oh and the fire alarm didn't work there either.  The BabyGirl cannot be left unattended in the nursery, because she would be completely demolished and bulldozed by the bigger kids.  So either The Professor or I have to stay in there with her.

This Sunday, being January 2, there was a very light crowd at church.  A lot of people were still out of town, and i think some were sick.  There were only a couple of kids in the nursery, and the more rambunctious individuals weren't there.  It gave The BabyGirl the chance to play.  She got to crawl all around, which she usually can't do without being stepped on by the rambuctious kids.  One of the girls who was there is 4 years old and LOVES babies.  Loves loves loves them.  She has told me on many occasions how good she is at taking care of babies.  She knows how to feed them and hold them and rock them and play with them.  She would absolutely babysit for us if we asked her.  She loves The BabyGirl, and every week she asks us if she can feed her and hold her and rock her and play with her.

For security purposes we'll call this little girl Sarah.  As far as i know, there aren't any predators following my blog, but better safe than sorry.  It just so happened to be time to feed The BabyGirl, and Sarah was all over it.  "I'll feed her!  Can i feed her?  I'm really really good at feeding babies."  I fed The BabyGirl her bottle, and then i let Sarah do the rice cereal.  She did a great job!  Sure enough, she is really good at feeding babies! 

After eating, i put The BabyGirl on the floor to play.  Sarah picked out toys for her.  Sarah's little brother, who is 2, played with The BabyGirl also.  There was also a little girl about 18 months, so the 4 of them all played together.  I had so much fun watching them.  The BabyGirl was the only one who couldn't walk, so Sarah decided that all of them would crawl like the BabyGirl.  Sarah's brother had big clunky shoes on, so she made him take them off.  He must have thought, "Well if i can't wear shoes then nobody can wear shoes" cause he took The BabyGirl's shoes off. 

The BabyGirl appeared to have a great time.  She was smiling her great big smile, and looked really happy.  She doesn't have any siblings yet, so she doesn't get to play with other kids much.  She sees her friend David a lot, but he's younger than her.  The BabyGirl's two great joys in life are being with people and physical activity, so she had both those needs met.

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