Saturday, January 22, 2011

Five Things That Happened This Week

This entry is mostly just for my own personal use, to help me remember my life.  It's not funny so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

1.  The Professor's family was here.  It was MLK weekend so they came for a visit.  On Sunday they were hanging out in Zion so the 3 of us drove up there after church.  We ate, hung out, and watched the Bears game.  On Monday i was at work but the Professor and the BabyGirl went back up to Zion again.

2.  The Professor's classes started.  Time for a new semester!  His schedule is pretty grueling this time.  He teaches on Tues\Thurs, but his classes are spread out across 2 separate campuses, so there is extra diving.  He teaches a night class on Thursdays and doesn't get home until 10:30pm.  He told me that he has a long story about this week, but i haven't heard it yet.

3.  The BabyGirl and i went to a new playgroup.  It was very fun!  She loved crawling around and exploring new things.  One drawback, though, is that she frequently had a paparazzi of preschool age kids around her.  She would have preferred them to leave her alone so she could do her own thing.  One 5-year old boy kept taking toys right out of her hand.  I got so irritated.  Dude, you are 5!  What interest do you have in Sophie the Giraffe???  Stop taking it from her!

4.  The BabyGirl entered a Difficult Phase.  You know how it is with babies.  There are a few weeks of stability where they are happy and delightful, and then you have a few weeks of growth and development that makes them cranky and irritable.  We had been experiencing an extended phase of bliss.  She was a perfect little angel, and everyone said so.  Well, now it's time for another leap, and she's being really touchy.  We'll love her through it, and i'm sure she'll be great again when it's over.

5.  I had Esther Night with Laura and Audrey.  Laura is so generous to always cook us a fabulous meal for our Friday Night Bible Study.  The weather was bitterly cold, and we had a hearty appetite like mountain bears before hibernation.  Laura made steak 'n greens by Paula Deen, and it was sooooo yummy.  There were 3 kinds of greens.  I forget what she told us, but something along the lines of kale, mustard greens, and chard?  I believe strongly in the IDEA of greens, but i struggle sometimes with the reality of them.  These were delicious.  I ate myself silly.  And then we had chocolate cake by Audrey.  We also enjoyed wonderful conversation.  We laughed, we cried, we bared our souls.  Poor Tripp was banished to his bedroom for several hours.  Thank you Tripp for sacrificing your Friday night for us!



  1. Nothing like 'bearing our souls and telling the most appalling of secrets' and you got the greens right. BUT Paula suggest Mustard greens, collard greens and ... well something else greens.

  2. goat milk = not a great success. it tasted just like how a goat smells. i bought two quarts, so i'm going to return the unopened one. i've been using the open one to bake with, just to use it up. but, even in baking, i'll use half goat and half cow milk, so it isn't too goat-ie.

    i liken it to red wine. the first time you drink it, you want to spit it out and scream "why does anyone like this?!!" goat milk must be an acquired taste. i prefer not to acquire a taste for goat milk or red wine.

    my new trial is almond milk. trader joe's sells an organic vanilla almond milk in a quart-size container. a friend gave it to me. it's pretty good. not the same as cow milk, but it works well for cereal and an occasional glass.

  3. I cannot lie. I wish I made that chocolate cake...I bought it! And I loved the meal Laura made us...but I only had one helping so I don't see how that makes me a mountain bear before hibernation...but of course I wanted a second helping but I refrained.