Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Operative Report: Exploratory Craniotomy with Rattlectomy

History of Present Illness:  The patient is a healthy young female known as "blanket head."  During an episode of extreme separation anxiety exhibited by the BabyGirl, it was determined that a comfort item was needed to assist in the distress that ensued when the BabyGirl was left alone in her crib for naptime.  An analysis was conducted of the BabyGirl's possessions, and Blanket Head was selected.  Unfortunately, Blanket Head contained a rattling device inside her skull which proved incompatible with naptime.  After a complete physical exam, Blanket Head was scheduled for an exploratory craniotomy.  Medical clearance was obtained from Blanket Head's primary care physician.  Blanket Head has no known drug allergies, takes no medications, and has no prior surgical history.  No imaging studies were obtained prior to the procedure.

Procedure:  The patient was prepped and draped in sterile fashion.  No anesthesia was administered.  A transverse suboccipital incision was made using a seam ripper.  Exploration of the head cavity revealed the rattle, which was excised.  The wound was subsequently closed with a sewing needle and pink thread.

Blood loss:  None
IV fluids:  None

Disposition:  stable to recovery.  The patient was observed overnight and discharged home to the BabyGirl in the morning.